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Immobilizer emulator for Renault.

Renault cars immobilizer emulator is designed to work with control units of the following types:

For diesel engines:
1. EDC15C3 (BOSCH) - 1,9DCI
2. DCU3R (LUCAS) - 1,9D
3. MSA15 - (BOSCH) - DTI

For petrol engines:
1. SIRIUS32 (SIEMENS) - 1,4L; 1,6L; 2,0L
2. FENIX5 (SIEMENS) - 1,6L; 2,0L; 3,0L

Before installing the emulator, you must clear the eeprom ECU from the old Immo Code!.
This can be done either manually (reprogramming Eeproma), or special software, for example from the website: www.codecard.lt

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