New features Carimmo_SG!!!

  • 2-01-2014, 15:25
  • 2150
Added new additional features of the program (optional!)

1. Adding new keys or repair the original keys, on any type of EIS without withdrawing them, who have a native version with key SW: 57.
Including models: X164, W164, W204, W207, W221
2. The ability to record new sets of EIS and ESL. (used with the full loss of the key), new models Mercedes.
3. Read password for IFR channel locks series of W203, W209, W211, W215, W230. (read not all the number of EIS!). Without removal of a car!
4. Read and Write the key with SW: BE

Online key generation for Mercedes!

  • 10-04-2013, 19:52
  • 5308

On-Line key generation for Mercedes.
For information, contact the technical support service through feedback.


  • 28-06-2010, 11:27
  • 18702
Latest version: Carimmo_SG v.2.28.r3
Updated: 10/03/2014
More info in the news.


This program is designed to work with immobilization systems installed on vehicles of 1995-2007 years.
For programming keys for different types and brands of cars.
For each type of machine has its own tab.

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